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Stephen Trezza, Esq. 

  •  I was a Judge Pro Temp.  I presided over civil cases like debt collection matters and breach of contract cases in the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court.
  • My abilities have been recognized many times.  Avvo is a source that rates attorneys and mine is “Superb”. I have an“A+” rating at the Better Business Bureau.  I have been voted one of the best attorneys in the valley by North Valley Magazine (October 12, 2013),  I have lead seminars for other bankruptcy attorneys on various bankruptcy topics.  Article on
  • Awards.  Top 3 bankruptcy lawyers in Tucson, Arizona.  “10 Best” Attorneys in Arizona by the American Institute of Bankruptcy Attorneys.  Top 10 Nationally Ranked Attorney by the National Academy For Bankruptcy Attorneys 2014.  Client Distinction Award (highest rating) 2013 and 2014 by  Martindale-Hubbell .   Top Lawyer Award 2013 by The Legal Network. Worldwide Who’s Who. 
  • Rebuilding your credit. To my knowledge I am the only bankruptcy attorney in Tucson that will assist you in rebuilding your credit. All of my clients are enrolled in a credit rebuilding program that guarantees a 720 credit score.  I cover the cost of this program for you. More than 10,000 of these programs have been sold for $1000 each and you will not have to pay a penny because I will take care of that for you.
  • I have been the President of the Tucson Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys from 2010 – 2015. 
  • Results. I have filed thousands of cases.   All of my clients have received a discharge injunction and obtained the fresh start they desired. Check out my reviews. I also have excellent reviews on Google+, Yelp, Yahoo and others.
  • I will help you complete the workbook.  If you are shopping around, ask the other attorneys if they will spend one hour with you completing the workbook. Every attorney has a  large workbook that must be completed. Mine is 36 pages long and I will complete approximately 33 of the pages for you so you will not have to worry if it is being done correctly. Otherwise it may take you several hours and cause you quite a bit of stress to complete a workbook on you own. Want to see the workbook I am referring to.
  • I started practicing law in Tucson, AZ in 1992. 
  • I don’t play games on the phone during the initial call.  First of all, I take every call that I can and yes, after we discuss your circumstances, I will quote you a fee on the phone.  If I can’t take the call my staff will provide an estimate for you.
  • I am a seasoned litigator. I have handled more than 50 jury trials and more than 250 evidentiary hearings. I also argued a case of first impression in Arizona in 2011. That means that the issue had never been litigated before.  The case is called In Re Thiem which resulted in a big victory for my client and every debtor in Arizona in a similar situation. In a nut shell the case holds that an inherited IRA is exempt from attachment in Arizona so my client was able to keep it even though she filed a bankruptcy petition.
  • Free video series. I have created a series of videos that will answer many of the questions you have about declaring bankruptcy. It is a giveaway. Most bankruptcy attorneys in town do not give this information away. They want you to make an appointment and go their office before anything else.
  • Weekly review. Once per week our entire staff meets and we review every single case to make sure everything that needed to be done in your case is done and to prepare for what must be done in the future to obtain your discharge injunction.
  • We communicate effectively. Playing phone tag is ineffective. We have a block of time set aside everyday on the calendar in which we return phone calls. That block is at a different time each day. If you call the office and I am not available to come to the phone then you will be offered a phone appointment time so you know exactly when we can talk. Our clients seem to be very happy with this procedure so that’s how we do it.
  • We start our appointments on time. The way I see it an appointment is an agreement and we strive to keep all our agreements.
  • We educate our clients. I have a flow chart that will show you the path your case will take and a diagram that will show you the “bankruptcy chess board.” After our initial consultation you will know more about bankruptcy law than most attorneys.
  • Money back guarantee. This applies to Chapter 7 clients. If you do not receive a discharge injunction because of an error made by us then I will refund my fee. By the way,  this has never happened and I have been practicing since 1992.
  • We offer competitive fees.  We offer outstanding service at fair price. We have flat fees so you won’t be surprised in the end. And yes I will quote you a fee over the phone after we discuss the facts and circumstances of your case so call me, if I’m available I will come to the phone.
  • My emphasis is on bankruptcy law. The overwhelming majority of our cases are either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Usually, if we are handling anything different it is because one of our previously satisfied bankruptcy clients insists that we represent them in a different matter.
  • We answer the phone. We don’t use voice mail during business hours. You will talk to someone who can possibly answer most of your questions even if they are not an attorney. Many times our clients have questions about procedure and our staff is trained to answer these questions. We keep diligent notes in our computer about every case so anyone on our staff will be able to talk to you about where your case has been, where it is now and where it is going.
  • Our clients refer their friends and family to us. When consumers have a good experience with any business they refer their friends and family to that business. My law firm is just like any other type of business so we work hard to make sure our clients have a superior experience with us. The feedback we routinely receive from our clients is very positive and our statistics indicate that our referral business is strong so we must be doing it right.
  • I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the American Bankruptcy Institute. 

Trezza and Associates specializes in Tucson Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. We are dedicated to providing debt relief and hope to people in need of a financial solution. Our clients receive personal attention from our staff. Our goal is to help put a stop to creditor harassment, and help to stop foreclosures, trustee sales, repossession and wage garnishment. We can answer any of your questions about bankruptcy, please contact our office today for a free consultation, (520) 327-4800 or There are also many bankruptcy resources available right on this website.

Arizona Law Group of Trezza & Associates LLC is serving you at from these office locations:

4011 E. Broadway Blvd. Suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85711

If you are looking only for the best representation look no further than Trezza and Associates. My case was handled professionally, compassionately, and diligently from the start.

– Joshua P.

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Mr. Trezza represented me in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy after my husband committed suicide. The monthly survivor benefits from social security were way below what my husband had been receiving so I could no longer keep up payments to unsecured creditors. Mr. Trezza explained everything to me before I hired him. I would not have been able to handle it all myself even if my brain was not in “reboot” mode after my husband’s suicide. Mr. Trezza’s staff always answered the phone – I never had to leave a voicemail and I was never on hold for any length of time. The staff was able to answer almost all of my questions when I would get confused due to my periodic inability to focus but when they couldn’t they would get back to me with the answer usually later the same day or the next morning at the latest. Often Mr. Trezza would call me himself or send me an email. I live over 100 miles from Mr. Trezza’s Tucson, Arizona office. He utilizes email and other even more secure Internet document transfer software so I never had to go to Tucson until the court date. I am extremely pleased with the smooth way my bankruptcy went. I really needed a highly experienced attorney to lead me through the bankruptcy process while I have been grieving and mourning my husband’s suicide. Mr. Trezza was fantastic.

– Laura

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The best decision I ever made.

– Roy D.

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  • Eric Devericks reviewed 4 weeks ago
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When my elderly father passed away recently, I recommended that my mother explore bankruptcy. We called Trezza law group and was talking to Stephen later that day for a free consultation. He spent time with us, asked questions, answered all of our concerns, and had compassion for my mother. In the end, he recommended that she NOT file bankruptcy and gave advice for how to handle finances. All of that and he didn’t charge us anything for the advice. If you are looking for honesty and integrity, you found it.

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I’m very grateful for the caring and competent assistance I received from Stephen Trezza.
– Maria E.
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There are no words to express our gratitude to mr Trezza and Melissa and Laura for their compassion concern professional attitude and sinsier way to help my wife and myself. From the first phone call with mr Trezza the worry and the stress that was heavy on our minds was dramatically reduced. Every phone call every question any concern that we had they made us feel that those issues were important! For being our first experience and his staff was amazing. We had reached out to several firms, this one hit a home run! I recommend your firm 5 stars you guys are a 10 in our book! Thank you so much mr Trezza Melissa and Laura and staff! Raul n Mary!


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  • Rebecca Robinson reviewed 7 months ago
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Best choice I’ve made! A great Attorney with a wonderful and understanding staff. They helped me understand everything I needed to know about my situation!  Thank you so much for a great job done!

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  1. Definitely the best representation! Thank you for everything, highly recommend Trezza and Associates!
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  • Patricia Linton reviewed 9 months ago
  • last edited 9 months ago

They were very helpful and understanding. They are direct with what needs to be done and what can be done for your personal situation.

Thank you

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Mr.Trezza and his staff at the Arizona Law Group are fantastic. During my appointments both Mr.Trezza and staff were very courteous, friendly as well professional. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t a pleasant feeling but Mr.Trezza made me feel very comfortable to be taking care of my financial hardships. I was put at ease with his calm demeanor and knew he would get everything handled professionally and timely. His free consultation really helped put things into prospective for me and took away any pressure of paying up front before speaking to him about my circumstances. I highly recommend his services and will be recommending him to any family or friends I speak too that are having difficulty paying off their debts.
– Sarah O.
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