The Beauty of life

I am a woman, a wife, a professional but foremost, a mother. My life has many pieces, such as a puzzle, and at times neither complete nor finished. I have, like most, gone through phases trying to answer the questions; what do I need, what do I want and mostly what would make me happy?

I have noticed and watched people during my life of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes and found beauty in them all. While attending High School, I was a very shy girl. It was then that I took my first photography class and realized I could find comfort and happiness in taking pictures from behind the camera. Lyn Sims, my teacher, mentor, and now amazing friend helped me recreate myself. I was able to see through the camera a whole different world. I bloomed into a more outgoing girl! The camera and passion gave me power and happiness! All knew to smile and show their happiness whenever I was around. Every moment in life is precious. I began to see the world as a picture frame and my favorite subject was people; friends, family and complete strangers. I found everyone has a quality in them that is beautiful that only a photo can truly capture.

I completed High School and went on to Pima Community College. I majored in Art and continued my interest by taking many Photography Classes. Then my life took a significant turn, I had my first child. With his birth I found endless opportunities on a daily basis to explore my passion, that of capturing timeless moments in one’s life that are spontaneous and quick to pass.

I now have five sons, three stepsons and a husband who have all been my Muses, my dreamy abstract subjects, my loves, and my life. Through them I practice my Art, of which I am grateful for their patience, their time and their love. My family has provided so that I may grow as a Photographer which now allows me to capture other’s special moments in life and time. I am now a Professional Photographer and my “job” is to take pictures of others always with the emphasis on capturing their beauty whether it is on a special day such as Graduation, Wedding , new baby, or for their own personal pleasure.

I hope to continue providing my service and special skill to all my subjects and thank them for the opportunity of letting me capture their special moments. In my profession I also get the personal satisfaction of taking “the perfect picture” and for that I am grateful.


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