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3100 N. Stone Ave. Ste. 100 Tucson, Arizona 85705
3100 North Stone Avenue Tucson Arizona 85705 US

Since 2001, Moxie Pest Control has been providing high-quality service in the pest control industry. Named for the drive and enthusiasm embraced by its founder and owner, Moxie’s #1 goal is making you feel at home in your home again by reaching its #2 goal of delivering the most valuable pest control services available. At Moxie, we’re proud to offer a number of services to meet the unique needs of our customers.

$100 off initial service when you mention

Moxie Services:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Wasps
  • Mice & Rodents
  • Mosquitos
  • Scorpions
  • Ticks
  • Snails


Antonio C. ,  Did a great job he was very professional I felt very comfortable with him.  I would like to request

that Antonio be my service technician throughout my service with you.

Thank you.

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Adrian Vega, for Moxie Pest Control, came out to my dads yesterday and I cannot say enough of the excellent service we received. Adrian Vega listened to our concerns, answered our questions completely and took care of our Pest concerns. Adrian’s customer service is amazing!!  Adrian spoke with my elderly father in a clear and concise manner and chuckled with him as well.  If Adrian Vega”s customer service is any example of Moxie Pest Controls work ethics, I will DEFINITELY phone ONLY Moxie Pest Control for any future Pest concerns that we have.  Thank you Adrian Vega!!

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Our 1st impression was very possible. I well mannered, clean cut young man (Kayden) rang our doorbell, introduced himself and Moxie. He described in detail the services offered and answered all our questions clearly. The timing was perfect – they had a tech in the area who could perform 1st service that day. It wasn’t even 10 minutes later that a representative from the office called to confirm and thank us and it about 10 minutes later that Justin arrived to perform the service. Again, a very well mannered young man. Unlike other pest control companies that are in and out in 5 minutes – he was at our home for almost 1/2 hr. (we opted for exterior service only). Not only did he spray every nook and cranny, he placed powder and traps inside our garage door AND went around the exterior of the home sweeping away cobwebs around windows and under roof eves – never seen that from a pest control company before.

All in all – very impressed – the sales rep and tech were both very professional and the quality of service was excellent – Glad we signed up.

– Barry L.

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Adrian Vega, the tech, arrived Thursday morning, he was very courteous and polite. He used the sweeper to get the cobwebs up high as he did last time, and the eaves so bugs and critters won’t come in thru the vents. Very impressed he did the interior and exterior of the garage and home since we did have problems with scorpions there and in one of the bedrooms. We are very pleased with Moxie Pest Control as we have two small dogs and the solution they used does not harm them.

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Adrian is breath of fresh air when it comes from a professional service! As a business owner myself I could be so lucky to have well knowledgeable and efficient employee such as his guy!! This company is legit and with three kids of my own I expect the best and received it today!

– Patrick C.

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We signed up with Moxie yesterday evening when someone came to the house to talk about the company. Today we had our initial visit and it went so well. Our technician, Justen Moomey, was absolutely fantastic. We were given a two hour window in which the technician would arrive, and he showed up almost at the earliest time. He introduced himself and was very polite when I explained I would have to wrangle my 2 dogs into another room. He explained, in detail, everything that was included in our service, and everything he would be doing today. He even went over what to do with the dogs when he was all done to ensure their safety. (This was huge for me). He was kind, efficient, and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the service today, and look forward to working with Moxie in the future.

– Shelby S.

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Adrian Vega  and Jesse came today for our quarterly service and each and every time they come, it seems like they are even more professional and more knowledgeable than the time before! Students of their craft indeed. Anyone can go “through the motions” of what do, but both these hard working, always above and beyond polite men not only know their craft but pay attention to every detail. One gets the feeling like they are painstakingly taking care of their own family homes and not just some random customer. I’m so glad a took a leap of faith with Moxie.

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As a retired Law Enforcement Officer, (Assistant Chief, Tucson) I probably “over access” strangers coming into my home. So…Adrian was a welcome relief when he came to my home today for my first servicing by Moxie. He’s very personable, articulate, and clearly knows his job. He represents your company well!

– Dan N.

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Jesse J. did a great job today. He was very through. I really appreciate that I called to make an appointment with Moxie on Friday and they were at my house on Monday morning! We have a scorpion problem and it’s nice that they responded so quickly. Thanks Jesse and Moxie for everything!
– Krissy T.
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