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4800 West Gates Pass Road, Tucson, AZ 85745, USA
4800 West Gates Pass Road Tucson Arizona 85745 US

About Us

Dedicated to wildlife around the world

The International Wildlife Museum is dedicated to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the diverse wildlife of the world as well as explaining the role of wildlife management in conservation.

Founded in 1988, the museum highlights over 400 species of insects, mammals and birds from around the globe.  Some of the collections are more than 100 years old and all the animals found at the museum were donated by various government agencies, wildlife rehabilitation centers, captive breeding programs, zoos and individuals.

Education, conservation & appreciation

Dioramas depicting wild animals in their natural settings, videos, interactive computers, and hands-on exhibits promote wildlife appreciation and conservation. Your visit is an excellent opportunity to see animals up close and gain a better understanding of their adaptive characteristics, habitats and conservation issues.

A Program of SCI Foundation

The International Wildlife Museum is an educational program of the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF).  The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services.


Awesome museum – everything completely donated by collectors. Some are over 100 years old. Displays are very well done – completely blew us away to find this museum in Tucson. They even have a Giant Deer and Wooly Mammoth!!! It’s a can’t miss attraction in Tucson – wonderful for kids.

– Judy D.

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What a hidden gem! Used our pogo passes to check it out. Kids loved getting up close and personal with the animals. Different from a zoo setting, because you can really examine the animals! Also like that there are lots that you can actually touch and feel. I highly recommend if you are visiting Tucson!

– Auburn E.

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This is such a magical place! My young son loves it so much! We are proud members and love to share it will others who have never been! Thank you for the education and displaying the beautiful animals for all to see up close and appreciate.

– Carly L.

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Beautiful! The taxidermy is on point! Want to pet a bison, stand under a giraffe, sit with a crocodile? This is your place. None are alive since it’s a museum not a zoo but they’re so stunningly stuffed you can turn a corner and still feel like you’re looking a lion in the eyes! I would absolutely recommend! Not much food but has a place to eat. Has a theater where planet Earth plays so check out their schedule beforehand. Great place on a hot day.

– Sheryl T.

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I took two of my kids age 5 and 3 yesterday for some indoor fun on a hot summer day before school starts. There was a story time going on and they got to pet a king snake which they loved. They also loved getting close to and touching the animals. We spent about an hour and a half here and I would recommend it to anyone with or without children!

– Chrissy R.

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