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2114 W Grant Rd #124, Tucson, AZ 85745
2114 West Grant Road Tucson Arizona 85745 US

IdeaMagic visionary marketing & CRM automation assists smart businesses in helping them increase leads, close more sales and build stronger relationships with their customers and prospects.  IdeaMagic has been in business in Tucson since 1994 and knows how to help small businesses reach their goals.

MJ is full of wisdom and knowledge in marketing! She helped me figured out a great way for me to keep in contact with my existing clients, and it was a way that fit me and the size of my business right now. Thank you!

– Kari


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No one knows the best strategies of their “marketing pie” for their business as good as Mj Jensen does of IdeaMagic Visionary Marketing! She knows what’s hot, what’s not & what works & what doesn’t. If you haven’t had a chance to meet with IdeaMagic about your business marketing needs yet, don’t fret… there is still time for you to succeed–with her creative brilliance, that is. Hence, the light bulb branding she displays prominently to represent her energetic drive & expertise is alive & well!


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I want to thank MJ for reaching out to Miracles Life Care LC! I am a newbie to social media and a techno phob as well! MJ took an interest and reached out to me to offer her expertise and made me feel most comfortable beginning this new aspect of my work! She used terms, words and ideas that I understand, she was supportive with what I have accomplished up to now, she offered very tangible, achievable advise and direction! I have been self employed for 25 plus years and have been involved in every aspect of business on every level and what I realized in working with MJ is that her knowledge is so vast and so deep, that it is now intuitive!
She seems to just “know” what to do and how to do it! I equate her skills to mine, in regards to caregiving! After you do a specific work for so many years and have such a deep passion for it, the work becomes a part of you! MJ has achieved this level of skill and talent! She has instilled hopefulness, confidence, and direction for Miracles Life Care and my passions! I look forward to her presence in my life! Thank you again MJ, reaching out to me, I am impressed, and this spoke volumes!!!
On behalf of Miracles Life Care & Rich Roberts……. I deem MJ Jensen and IdeaMagic…..Queen of her industry and Queen of her life!!!


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I don’t know anyone who is more creative and innovative for your marketing than MJ Jensen! The wheels are always turning and she can get your business moving in the right direction in no time. Her sphere of influence and connections is huge so she is a great resource as well.


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As a person in business for many years, I have never met anyone that is more passionate about their work than MJ. She is Amazing… Think INTENSE, FIERCE and TAKE NO PRISONERS… all the while being innocently dressed in her ladylike pink. I feel so lucky to know her… what an asset! MJ’s social media knowledge & skill base is Phenomenal. And talk about value for dollar… she is the best deal on the planet. Thank you MJ for showing up in your life so fully, you are a role model for everyone.


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